Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Current Obsession...

Early 1930’s Clark Gable Movies

Until recently the only early Gable film I saw was 1934’s It Happened One Night. I never knew he was in so many films around that time and that they were actually good! In most of these films he was paired with Jean Harlow (Red Dust, China Seas, Wife vs. Secretary & Hold Your Man) & Joan Crawford (Dance Fools, Dance, Dancing Lady, Love on the Run, & Possessed).

After seeing these, with the exceptions of China Seas & Hold Your Man (which I can’t find anywhere!), I now have to watch all the other Gable/Harlow (6 in total) and Gable/Crawford (8 in total) movies I can get my hands on… it’s becoming a problem.

If you haven’t seen Gable’s early I especially recommend watching Love on the Run (1936), a hysterical screwball comedy. It features Crawford’s real life husband at the time, Franchot Tone, who delivers a slapstick performance as Gable’s sidekick. In Love on the Run, Crawford is an heiress who decides not to marry her fiancé at the last minutes and runs away with Gable instead, a newspaper man who she’s never seen before in life… sound familiar? Although it’s a played out storyline, the added layer of espionage provides an additional element of danger making it even more entertaining that I had expected!

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